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Subject: Gym Lad Part 5The following story features over 18s and contains graphic descriptions of
male on male sex, bdsm, bondage and physical abuse. Only read if it is
legal to do so. The story is fantasy and non of the characters are real but
it is based on experiences I have had as well as fantasies and images I
have seen.Thanks for the all the comments and suggestions and glad you are enjoying
the story.Copyright 2009 -- ibtow feedback welcome ibtow2gmail.comPart 4I place the 15th on the tip of his cock, this gets the biggest reaction as
it russian adult tv bits into this cock head."These stay on for one hour, you will not be let down, they will not come
off for 60 minutes, when they come off I will ask you again if you submit
to me. Give me the answer I want and we stop, give me any other answer and
it will only get worse."He moans and screams into the gag, he is thrasing into the ropes, shacking
his head back and forth, the clamps are going no where, the same for him. I
walk out the room and close the door with a slam. I go to my computer and
turn on the monitor, infront of me is a live video feed of him strung up
spread eagle nude russian ballet
off the ground, gagged and blindfolded 15 heavy duty clamps on
his body. I sit and watch as I take my cock in my hand. I look at free illegal russian porn
the clock
he has 60 minutes to think russian secret movies sex of his fate, I will break him no matter what.Part 5The 60 minutes fly by for me but I would imagine he feels every seconds, he
stopped thrashing and fighting the ropes after about 20 minutes, he has
been strung up spreadeagle off the ground for over 2 hours now, his body
must have no fight left but I am not sure about his mind. He knows I will
ask him a question, russian cum shot his answer will depend how this day processes he either
submits to me or his day gets a lot worse, for him at least.I open the door and he is slumped in the ropes, his head slumped forward
againts his chest. His body is covered is sweat and shinning from the
lights his body is stretched out and showing off the hours he must of spent
in the gym. He has zero body fat so every muslce is showing under he tight
skin, he looks magical like he is. My cock gets hard again even though I
cum at least twice during the free illegal russian porn
hour watching him on the monitor.I get no reacton when I enter and I am not about to ask the question just
yet, he needs to be brought back round. I grab the flogger off the side and
walk behind him, I lad a russian porn portal
heavy blow on his arse, the crack of the flogger
and the sting of it hitting him, makes his whole russian girl 13 yr
body tense up and arch
away from the flogger, I lad another blow and another. I make it up to the
tenth hit by now he is screaming into the gag."Good you awake, you 60 minutes are up Matt but before I ask you the
question the free russian mpeg pegs need to come off and I want you to see this"I remove his blindfold and look into his eyes, they are red and I can see
the pain, desperation and fear in them. He has very little body strength
left but his eyes are telling me he still has some fit in him. This should
be interesting. I show him the larger leather tipped flogger, it has 12
strands each 3 foot long, it means you can get a real "flick" at the ends,
it hurts like fuck when it connects, which is what I want, he will feel
every strock of this flogger more than he has before."Right Matt, its time to take these pegs off, it will hurt more than it did
when they went on, even more so as I will be using this flogger to get them
off, you better hope I am good at hitting the target Matt!"His eyes almost burst out, he starts to scream and shake his head, I can
tell he is screaming no but I ignore his plee's. I step back and pull the
flogger back and strick it forward, it snaps as it hits one of the pegs on
his chest, the force flicks the peg off him, but also connects with his
body which is the idea, how he does it I am not sure naked russian bears but his whole body
bounces backwards into the ropes and rebounds forward just in time to meet
the second strock of the flogger. It connect right below his chest missing
a peg but landing on him perfectly, his screams and crys although muffled
by the gag bounce around the room, his eyes go from wide open to tightly
shut, his face screwed up in pain.I work over his body missing on some strocks and connecting with the pegs
on others I am up to about 30 strocks with only one pegs left on his cock."Not bad a 50% hit rate, one more to go Matt!"I pull my arm right back and swing the flogger towards him, he moves at the
last minute and the tips of the flogger connect with his balls, it was the
hardest one I had done and the stupid fucker had move just at the wrong
time. The hit caused him to lose all his breath and russian extreme anal porn
he just slumped into
the ropes, the pain had caused him to pass out cold. I put the flogger down
and moved to untie his legs from the bolts in the floor that were holding
him in place. I then went to the winch and started to wide him down, his
body was lowering to the floor and because he was out cold he just went
into a heap on the floor. It was his own fucking fault for moving, and he
will pay for making me stop, when he was on the ground I unbuckled the gag
from his mouth so he could breath easier."You dum shit, well you russian lesbian
missed your mafia sex russian pictures
change to give me an answer Matt, how
can I ask you the question if you pass out on me? I will ask anyway, if i
don't get an answer we move onto the next part, you will be sorry you could
not withstand the pain Matt as it will get worse. So then Matt, do you
submit?"Of course I got no answer, but thumbnail gallery russian
I kept my part of the deal and asked him the
question not my fault he was not awake to answer it! I untied his arms, his
wrists were red raw from the ropes, being up like that for over 2 hours
caused the rope to dig into his wrists, not that I really cared, it was russian sex free pics all
part nude kids russian gallery his ordeal.I lifted him up with both arms under his armpits and dragged him to a
table, i lifted him up on it and placed him face up on the table, I had to
move quite quick as it would not be long before he was nude kids russian gallery coming round. I
moved him to the centre of the table. At the corners of each table were
leather cuffs attached to rope and a crank winch, each time you turned the
winch each rope pulled tighter, its like a rack but instead of pulling you
lenght ways it pulls your arms and legs further apart. As the final leg
cuff was going on he started to come round. He was moaning and wimpering,
he was still not able to move much, his body still recovering from the last
postion. He still had the last peg on his cock, I slowly hot naked russian girls lead over his body
and slowly released the russians nude peg, as the blood rushed back to the tip of his
cock his moans and wimpering turned to groans and he started to pull at the
cuffs holding him to the table."aaarrrrhhhh, fuck that hurts, why the fuck are you doing this to me,
please stop, just let me go, I won't tell blowjob russians anyone, please let me go" his
voice was weak and horse he was almost begging me to stop. "I told you
Matt I would ask you the question after 60 minutes, its not my fault you
passed out before you russians nude could answer I take that as you say no to me, so we
moved onto the next part Matt, you know have to wait 4 hours before I ask
you the question again. In that 4 hours the pain and suffering you have had
so far will seem like nothing."My tone is normal but he knows I mean it."Noooo please don't you fucking torturing me, I can't take much more,
fuuuccckkk let me go please, I am not into this, I can't take it anymore,
please just stop it!""Sorry Matt you knew the deal, I am not the one who stops this you are, but
you missed your chance now, 4 more hours before I ask the question again,
if you don't give me the answer I want then, we wait another 6 hours, then
8 hours, then 10 hours between every question. You understand Matt?""Noooo stop, plea......." he does not get chance to finish I shove the gag
back in his mouth and buckle it."Had enough of fucking moaning, you piece of shit!"I turn the crank handle above his head, with each click his arms and legs
are pulled further and further part, his body stretch more and more, his
muffeled screams return to the gag. I stop the winch he is now pulled wide
apart, he struggles against the cuffs trying the release the pressure on
his joints. His body is fully stretched out now, he can not releave the
pressure on his arms or legs, he tried to pull his arms against the cuffs
but there is no movement. I turn the winch another 5 turns to get him body
stretched as much as it can without causing him long term damage.I walk to a draw and remove four anti static bands that are used by
computer repaire people to remove the static before working on the inside
of a computer, however they work the other way as well. I place one on each
of Matts russian bride bikini wrists and ankles, I then put some gel over each one to help the
current pass through them and into his body. I then place electro pads on
each bicep, calf muscle, chest and then 4 on his abs. I connect each wire
to the control box. This is a standard shop brought tens machine, however
he now has outdoor nude russian women 10 russian girl free gallerie pads 4 bands on his naked russian bears body. He is stretched out wide and soon a
current chubby russian girls will be running through every fibre of his body.I turn the machine on, I set it to pulse and start on a low setting, it
goes upto 10 but underground russian pussy I start on 1, because of the number of pads his body
starts to twitch, i turn the dial upto 2 and the twitching gets more and
more, his legs are tense showing off his strained calfs, he has the legs of
a footballer and this is showing them free russian nudist pic off to there russian nude boys pics
best. His beiceps are
bulging like he is doing curls, his chest muscles a moving up and down and
his abs are starting to bulge under the electricity running through his
body. I move the setting upto 3, this starts to get him moaning loader into
his gag, his body is almost jumping with each pulse of the machine. I move
it straight upto 5, now his whole body bounces in time, every muslce in his
body is effected by the current going though him, each time the machine
pulses, he cries into the gag as his body uncontrolable tenses and tried to
push itself off the table."Your only half way Matt, this is number 5 and it goes upto 10""mmmmppppphhhhhhh, mmmmmppppphhhhhh" is all that comes out of his mouth.I leave it on 5 and get the leather flogger. I stand next to the table so
he can see me and flogger, his eyes are pleading with me to stop, but he
knows I will not, they widen even further as he watches me bring the
flogger down on his stomoch, I count each one out free russian hardcore pics load, each one is as hard
as I can do it, I get upto 15, his stomoch is glowing red. I stop and place
my hand on his abs, the warmth from the flogging is increadable, his skin
is hot to the touch, I can feel his abs contracting as the electro still
flows through his body, each pulse from the machine causes his muscles to
contract and I can feel every one. I trace his abs with my hand and work my
way down to towards his cock and balls, I take his cock in my hand and
start to stroke it, the electricty running through his body helps his limp
cock get hard as I start to wank his off again."Remember what happened last you cum without permission Matt."I stop wanking him off best russian video porn and get another band from the draw, this one i put
around his cock and balls and connect it to a second tens machine, this one
i set to the massage setting and turn it up to 4, instead of pulsing his
muscle this setting is like someone strocking your cock, most people can
not help but get hard when this is put on them, and Matt is no different
his cock is bulging and bobbing up and russian and tgp down as the electicity does it work.I push the setting on the rest of his body to 6 he screams straight away
into his gag. His body does not stop preten russian
moving his arms, legs, chest and
stomoch moving to the pulse of the electricity, his cock moving on its own
like someone his wanking him off, I pick up the flogger and walk around the
table until I am standing by his head, his eyes are looking at mine, I lean
in and wisper in his ear."You have permission to cum Matt, but rest assure if you do although you
have permission you will be punished for it, hold it as long as you can
Matt, you have my permission to cum but if you do you will regret it."He starts to wimper and tears start to form in his eyes I think he know he
can not stop himself from cumming but the realsiation that if he does it
will get worse starts to sink in. His eyes follow the flogger as I lift it
above his head and bring it down on this chest, strick after strick I
alternate between his left and right chest, I lean over further and bring
it down on his stomoch, he body does not know how to respond, he is getting
pain from every muscle as the electricty runs through his body and the
flogger does its work over his chest and stomoch, his cock is so hard it
looks like it is about to burst, his eyes are screwed up tight closed, the
gag is mufferling the sounds of his crys. The flogger continues to rain
down on him blow after blow, his whole body now is covered in red nude kids russian gallery
from the leather tails of the flogger, every so often I flick free russian nudist pictures the flogger
to catch russian lesbian
it on the ends of the tails which causes a bigger stick.I continue to flog him none stop for 10 minutes until at last his cock
explodes in stream and after stream of cum, the shots fly up and land over
his chest and head, at least 8 shots of cum fly out of his cock his whole
body is twitching and bouncing up and down, his moaning continues into the
gag, I lean down to his ear again and whisper."Good boy Matt, now for you punishment."I pick up both tens machines and move each setting without warning to 10,
instantly his whole body raises off russian girl 13 yr the table and arches up, only the heals
of this feet and his shoulder blades are touching the table and he lets out
one long scream. I leave the setting at 10 for 30 seconds, it must feel
like the longest 30 seconds of his life as his whole body can not move,
nothing he does stops the pain from the electro running through his arms,
legs, chest, stomoch, cock and balls. When the 30 seconds is up I turn both
the machines off, and he slumps back into the table sobbing and crying, the
tears running down the russian lolas links
side of his face. He opens girl russian nudism his eyes and looks at me
directly pleading for me to stop, he is ready to submit to me, I am want to
ask him the question but he still has 3 hours left before I can ask him the
question again. I turn the tens machine back on set to level 5, his eyes
are wide again looking at me, I just turn and leave naturist russian girls video
the room as his body is
rocked by the electrictiy again.
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